The Dark Web has long been thought of as a safe haven for hackers, cyber criminals and those involved in corporate espionage. But now, Protective Intelligence can help you to understand where your data is on the Dark Web, who is accessing it and – most importantly – how it came to be there.

Many firms offer the ability to inform you when your data appears on the Dark Web. In almost all cases, these highly expensive tools do nothing more than undertake a basic search for keywords or data in a variety of hacker forums, Darknet marketplaces, and PasteBins. They can tell you that some of your data is on the Dark Web, but they can’t tell you how it got there. Furthermore, they cannot help you in any digital investigation, leaving you with no choice but to venture onto the Dark Web yourself – exposing you to further risk.

Protective Intelligence is different. Our Cyber Investigation Team uses a sophisticated Darknet intelligence and investigation platform, so not only can we identify your data on the Dark Web, we can also monitor for Dark Web traffic coming into and going out of your networks without anyone in your organization knowing – a vital advantage if someone in your IT or Cyber teams are accessing the Dark Web. We can undertake digital investigations to discover how your data was leaked, if any hacker groups are planning to attack you, or if anyone within your organization is buying or selling your intellectual property. This information can then be passed on to law enforcement, all without the need for you to risk accessing the Darknet.

We firmly believe that our Dark Web Services combine the best investigative minds and intelligence tools available outside of national intelligence agencies, giving you a real advantage in the fight against hackers and cyber criminals.


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