The Dark Web has long been thought of as a safe haven for hackers, cyber criminals and those involved in corporate espionage. But now, Protective Intelligence can help you to understand whether your organization is at risk from traffic attempting to gain access to your networks from the Dark Web – or, indeed, if someone within your organization is connecting to the Dark Web.

Protective Intelligence has created the world’s first Dark Web Security Operations Centre. At its heart is a sophisticated Darknet intelligence platform that our Dark Web Investigation Team use to monitor for ToR Exit Node traffic approaching your networks and for ToR data exiting your networks. The former is typically a sign of an attacker testing your defences, the latter is usually a sign that your data has been compromised and is being leaked out onto the Dark Web.

Our Dark Web Security Operations Centre can monitor for traffic completely independently, without anyone in your organization being aware – a vital advantage if someone in your IT or Cyber teams are accessing the Dark Web. Once we have identified suspicious traffic we can undertake digital investigations to discover how your data was leaked, if any hacker groups are planning to attack you, or if anyone within your organization is buying or selling your data. This information can then be passed on to law enforcement, all without the need for anyone within your business exposing themselves to the risk of accessing the Darknet themselves.

This is a world-leading, scalable service which can act completely independently of your IT or Security functions, and provide you with the knowledge that Dark Web traffic has touched your networks within 15 minutes of it occurring, giving you a real advantage over cyber criminals, rogue employees, and hackers.