National cyber security strategies are only part of the story. To create a truly secure country, your people need to know how to protect themselves from cyber crime.

You may have heard the expression that ‘people are the weakest link’ when it comes to cyber security. At Protective Intelligence, we don’t believe that to be true – people can be the strongest link in the chain, providing they have been properly informed of the risks of using the internet.

We can design public awareness campaigns for cyber security, designed to increase the levels of knowledge that the general public can call upon when navigating through the modern, connected world. By understanding the culture, beliefs and education levels of your country, we can tailor a public awareness campaign that really understands what makes your people tick when using the internet, and recognises the trigger points that lead to insecure behaviours.

We can also assist in developing a cyber security curriculum for education, to improve the security practices of young people and to help identify talented individuals who can be fast-tracked into cyber security careers through specialised courses in schools and universities. By finding and nurturing these gifted individuals, you can turn them away from a potential life of cyber crime into the technology leaders of the future.