To safeguard against malicious cyber attacks, the public and private sectors need to understand what government expectations are for securing the digital environment.

Nations are now critically dependent on the internet. However, it is inherently insecure and offers opportunities for hackers, criminals and hostile nation states to undermine public institutions, financial markets and public safety. Without a national cyber security strategy, efforts to protect the digital landscape will lack coordination and cohesion.

Based on the three core objectives of Defend, Deter and Develop, we can work with your judicial, legal, law enforcement and governmental structures to develop a strong national cyber security strategy. We aim to promote good cyber hygiene, develop national cyber defence and resilience capabilities, and make your nation harder to target, improving both public and business confidence in the digital world.

By combining our years of global expertise in IT, security and intelligence, with your knowledge of your country’s economic, governmental and societal systems, we can jointly develop a strategy that will increase cyber security at all levels for the collective national benefit.