Many Boards do not possess the experience or skills to make critical judgements on cyber security issues. By using our Non-Executive Directors for Cyber, you can fast track bridging the knowledge gap.

We have found that, when presented with IT Security or Cyber Resilience topics, Boards frequently lack the required understanding to make considered decisions. This can result in a dangerous gap in your corporate defences, as approval for remedial programmes often stalls.

By employing one of our Non-Executive Directors for Cyber, Boards can be reassured that they have access to the right skills and experience to make sound judgements on cyber security matters.

Our NEDs are comfortable with intelligently challenging the Board, pointing out where industry best practice, regulatory advice, or insecure behaviours are not being addressed. With a wealth of industry experience and an eye on the bigger picture, our NEDs will help guide the decisions that improve your organisation’s defensive posture and reduce the likelihood of a serious incident.