The senior levels of a business are frequently targeted by cyber criminals, yet the people in these roles are often overlooked when it comes to education and awareness of the threats. Our tailored service fills that gap.

Our experts can provide much more than insight to the Board. Increasingly, the C-Level is being targeted by cyber criminals as a means of obtaining critical information, to adversely influence Board decisions, or as an entry point to defraud the company. Our team has experience in providing individual guidance to Board members, Senior Executives, and their families, to protect against malicious interference.

We have provided a tailored security awareness service to key personnel of a wide range of organisations, from large retail banks to pharmaceuticals, government departments to charities. We don’t just cover the usual ground of phishing emails and scams, we also look at physical security, advice for Executives who frequently travel, guidance on how family and friends can put both personal and company data at risk, and provide insight into who is targeting your staff.

This service is also offered to High Net Worth individuals and those in the public eye, in a completely discreet and unobtrusive manner. The programme is only undertaken by our most senior consultants, all of whom have previously been cleared to the highest levels of secrecy by the government, and is usually delivered on an invitation-only basis. Wealth Management and Public Relations companies wishing to utilise this service for their clientele should contact us for further information.