The financial sector of any country is not only vital to a healthy economy, it’s also a target for sophisticated cyber criminals.

Cyber attacks against the financial sector are a concern for any government. Whether targeted by serious organised criminal gangs or hostile nation states, the wider impact of a cyber incident on a financial firm can extend far beyond the confines of the institution itself. The loss of confidence in a nation’s economic system, whether from the wider financial markets or from individual citizens, can have a devastating impact.

Protective Intelligence has helped the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to develop a toolkit to assess the cyber resilience capabilities of financial services firms, believed to be the first ever thematic review of its kind for any financial sector in the world. Our work with the FCA has enabled us to offer bespoke reviews of the cyber resilience capabilities of financial sectors in any nation.

We offer specialist insight into information security and cyber resilience within the financial sector across the globe. We can assist in the development of tools for financial services regulators to enable them to understand the preparedness levels of their key economic institutions, and give insight into areas of significant risk.